Fast Five Friday – Long Haul Hacks

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

While Leonardo may have dreamed of flying through the clouds, today flying is considered a means of transportation to a destination, rather than the destination itself. While I enjoy flying, and have *touch wood* had positive flight experiences (I’ll tell you all about the people I meet on planes soon), the hours spent confined, cramped and surrounded by strangers can often be uncomfortable, especially on those long haul flights.

Many bloggers, YouTubers and frequent flyers have come up with many tips and tricks to making these long haul flights as comfortable as possible inspiring today’s Fast Five Friday post. I’m sharing the top five hacks to surviving a long haul flight I’ve found searching the world wide web. I’ll also be putting these tips to the test when I head on my next flight from Sydney to London in April – so stay tuned!

1.                                                         In-Flight Entertainment

While the in-flight system seems to offer hours upon hours of entertainment, Breathe Travel advises that it’s rare that is keeps you occupied for the entire 20+ hours. Bringing along a mixture of pre-loaded playlists, actual reading books and crossword puzzles will ensure you have plenty of variety to fill those hours.

2.                                                                 Essentials Kit

When travelling, I’m always sure to have a little ‘shit kit’ with something for every ailment. Upset tummy, migraine, sore throat, travel sickness – I’m sure to a remedy in my carry-on in the off-chance I need them. I find simply knowing that I’m able to help myself without disturbing the flight attendants  provides me a huge piece of mind. Peppered in Style has this useful quick pic to show some must-haves for your long haul flights.

3.                                                               Bathroom Trips

I was so surprised when I had read this clever hack from The College Tourist and will definitely be giving it a go on my next long haul flight. While the window seat has definite perks, we all know that awkwardness of disturbing the sleeping passengers next to you as nature calls, only to be met by a line at the bathroom. One suggestion from Claire is to use the bathroom just before meal service, as you’ll find the bathrooms 1) are just that little less fragrant and 2) are less likely to be busy – as most people wait until after their meal to use the toilet.

4.                                                            Beating that jet lag

While I don’t think there is any one clear way to beat jet lag, numerous blogs I’ve read reassure me that you can lessen the toll it has on your body. So for my upcoming flight I’m going to try the common hack – adjusting my body to UK time the moment I get on the plane. Which I’ve worked out to mean staying awake until I leave Abu Dhabi, then finally allowing myself to get some rest! Fingers crossed for me 🙂

5.                                                                  Stay hydrated!

I know this one is an obvious one, but it makes sense! Staying hydrated throughout the flight is vital for giving your body what it needs, and prevents you from feeling lethargic. The teeny cups every five hours won’t cut it – so bring along an empty bottle to fill once you’re past customs, or buy one at the airport (just be wary of the hefty price tag). This way the flight attendants are able to fill up your bottle on the plane when you need it.

So there you have it – the top five recommendations for surviving a long haul flight! Can’t wait to test these out in a few weeks and report back. Stay tuned!!


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